Cyberdefense for Fleet Management Businesses

There are two questions we constantly hear from fleet management, vehicle rental and scooter-, car-, bike-sharing companies:

How can management be sure that our hardware or software has substantial protection against attacks?

Can I ensure wide use and safe operation in a changing world without breaking the bank

The answer you would like to get

Get the answers by choosing solutions that can confirm that your vehicles and apps have been vetted by some of the best experts in the cybersecurity industry in the world.


The challenge - respond quickly

As mobility becomes more prevalent in our cities and a target for cyberattacks, companies need to have a proper fleet management system today to detect anomalies and respond quickly in case of emergency or cyber incident.

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Vehicle Security Operations Center

Consider establishing or outsourcing to a Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) as a hub of expertise. Use the VSOC to monitor and protect your fleet, deploying security configurations and OTA (Over-The-Air) software updates for enhanced safety and operational efficiency.


The challenge – find the best practices

Companies that utilize the connected nature of vehicles to bring smart mobility services to users will only continue to advance. There are new ways of hacking your apps being discovered every day. Meanwhile, multi-focus security vendors can't advise best on specialized cybersecurity strategies tailored specifically for smart vehicle technologies and connected mobility services.

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Application Security Assessment

Confidently secure apps you develop for customers Mitigate the risks to your reputation and eliminate delays with release dates with a 360-degree security assessment of the front- and back-end of apps, guaranteeing a secure-by-design approach.


The challenge – get independent verification

A complex hardware system is only as cybercriminal resistant as its weakest component. Because any system element is used widely throughout the industry, businesses should not rely only on their own security assessments.

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Systems Penetration Test

Benefit from new methods of security testing unlike anyone else Evaluate the weaknesses of components and cyberharden your systems with our expert security assessment. Focus on developing the business instead of constantly worrying about threats.