Cyberdefense for Telematic Companies

There are two questions we constantly hear from insurance and telematics companies:

How can my organization best use the opportunities offered by telematics and build up cybercriminal resistance of the aftermarket system?

Can I achieve safe operation in a changing world without blowing my budget?

The answer you would like to get

Get the answers by choosing solutions that can ensure that your systems and apps have been vetted by some of the best experts in the cybersecurity industry


The challenge - shortage of cyber expertise

As connected vehicles generate data from many different embedded sensors, telematics companies can use this information to calculate risks and increase revenue. But testing these systems' integrity and confirming exploit resistance is not an easy task in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. This challenge is compounded by the need to constantly update security protocols to defend against new vulnerabilities and sophisticated cyber attacks. Moreover, ensuring data privacy and compliance with international regulations adds another layer of complexity. Thus, it's crucial for telematics companies to invest in advanced cybersecurity measures and engage in continuous monitoring and testing to safeguard these connected systems.

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Systems Penetration Test

Benefit from new methods of security testing unlike anyone else Assess the integrity of hardware running comprehensive penetration tests for aftermarket solutions and protect customers' personal data.


The challenge – lags in communication

Vehicles generate massive amounts of data, and it's hard to find a reliable solution to detect cybersecurity anomalies in collecting and processing this big data. Time differences and an inability to collaborate with experts introduce huge risks in responding to cyber threats effectively. Quick and coordinated actions are essential to prevent significant data breaches and ensure the safety of vehicle systems.

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Vehicle Security Operations Center

The nearest center of expertise to outsource or own VSOC. Consider our cloud-based VSOC to consolidate vehicle data, intercept anomalies and respond in real-time. Use our EU-based response center without any capital investments.


The challenge – ever-evolving threats

Security assessment of telematics software does not end when the test results reach your desk. Criminals develop new ways to obtain control over cars every day. Most multi-focus security vendors can't advise development practices and also close all vulner

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Application Security Assessment

Confidently secure apps you develop for the connected vehicle industry. Leverage end-to-end testing to block unwanted access into the network by emulating legitimate users and analyzing software weaknesses with partial or full access to the application's source codes.