V2X Security Assessment

Comprehensive connections test for the vehicle


We’ve got your back by verifying the security and integrity of the connections going to and coming from your vehicle.

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Communication protocols and vehicle-to-vehicle traffic are the initial targets for cybercriminals. Therefore, all digital communication between the vehicle and anything it may affect, such as streetlights, telecom towers, buildings, toll booths, and more, should be kept secure. Not to mention, the number of specialists worldwide who can meticulously find all weaknesses of car network systems is scarce.



Be prepared today – mitigate the risks, keeping connections secured.

Timely closed vulnerabilities

We’ve gathered unique experts from top automotive and cybersecurity organizations to completely test every connection and wireless system and close all vulnerabilities.

Independent verification

Our objective, independent cybersecurity service helps prevent recall campaigns and gain competitive advantages.

More than a report

Our service secures your success by delivering year-round assessment during the whole life cycle of your product.



Choose services from a vendor with a strong focus on connected vehicle cybersecurity.

Forward-looking approach

As more and more 5G networks and wireless connection protocols are introduced in the automotive world, PCAutomotive will be ready to help you assess and secure any of them.

Dedicate team

PCAutomotive experts specialize in identifying any open doors which attackers could use to gain access over an entire group of cars or to get into the backend servers of the car manufacturers.

Robust mitigation plan

Once weaknesses in communication infrastructure have been found, our experts can assess the entire risk of these vulnerabilities and even conduct a full penetration test of the organization’s IT infrastructure to develop a mitigation plan.



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