Vehicle Cyber Defense for Security Services

There are two questions we always hear from bodyguards and security service companies:

How can we confirm that nobody is spying on my client using the intelligent systems in the vehicle?

How can we get a notification when technical data about the vehicle has been shared with cybercriminals?

The answer you would like to get

Get the precise answers by choosing solutions that ensure the client's vehicle has been vetted by some of the best experts in the cybersecurity industry.


The challenge - independent verification

Once the VIP car of tomorrow is on the street, a loss of privacy will only be the first step. If a hacker can infiltrate an individual's automobile to collect private data, he could even take complete control of the car itself, putting everyone in the car at high risk.

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Vehicle Penetration Test

Get exact countermeasures after the evaluation of your vehicle. Order industry-leading diagnostic tests on the vehicle and know if/when the car has been manipulated. Discover all vulnerabilities that a hacker could easily exploit.


The challenge – reputation at risk

The leakage of confidential information about the vehicle can harm your reputation and can be used by hackers to plan an attack. Even with great security experts, you still have the challenge of monitoring millions of cybercriminal resources and identifying the risks.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Visualized and automated intelligence for VIP cars. Understand the general cyber safety of the vehicles that are on the road today. Mitigate the risks by hearing first about leaks of confidential information about VIP cars.